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Dates to be confirmed - Lincoln

Simulator lesson

Caroline is arranging simulator sessions at Lincoln and has negotiated a discount for members of Trec Lincolnshire.  It's a great opportunity to improve your MA scores! It's rider based training at its best. The simulator has all the sensors so you can see as well as feel what is going on. It'll be a group of 4 for 2 hours. If you are interested please email and we'll sort out dates and times

2017/18 Winter Series

10/02/18 Kenwick, Louth schedule available here

25/03/18 Raw Equine, Spalding

Refund Policy:


Trec Lincolnshire will give a full refund for a competition or training event entry provided that you let us know by email on or before the closing date for that event. No refund can be given if the withdrawal is received afterwards unless  the event is cancelled or you provide a vet’s or doctor’s certificate.  Withdrawal must be emailed to that competition’s entries secretary.


Please note that, in general, entry fee cheques are not banked until after the event has occurred, so if a refund has been promised by e-mail then it is likely that the cheque would be torn up rather than a cheque posted.

TBA 2018 - Kenwick, Louth

Training and Games Themed Competition schedule available soon


Traceur Training

TBA 2018


Map marking practice

01st November 2017 - 31s.t March 2018

An opportunity to hone your map marking skills over winter!

Make sure that you are ready for next season’s competitions!


Improve your map copying speed & your ability to copy accurately over the winter by joining the new Trec Lincolnshire Map Marking Practice Club.


You will receive a master map with a route marked on it and a blank map in the post along with a note of the time you should allow to copy the route. You copy the route from the master map on to the blank map in the allotted time and send your version in the post (or scanned and emailed) to Jane. You will then receive feedback on your map marking accuracy by email.

If you would like to practice plotting grids and following bearings, please indicate this on your entry form and additional instructions (and answer sheets) will be sent with your maps.

Full details here