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Trec Lincolnshire is well and truly underway! Keep an eye on the diary page for more events coming soon.

If you would like something to be take place near where you live or keep your horse, or somewhere else that you know of that you think would be suitable, the best thing to do is let us know and help to organise the event.  

If anybody has any concerns about whether a training event will be suitable for you, you can ask. If you give us enough time we can often tweak things to enable you to participate - for example shorter but more technical POR route, accommodating young or difficult horses, etc. For competitions we can't do nearly so much, but for club training the sky is the limit to helping people take part.

If you have any special requests please email


The application form can be completed online.

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Saturday 10th November 2018


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Our Indoor Winter Series kicks off on Saturday 10th November 2018

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